Mineral Makeup – The New Beauty Trend

Mineral makeup is becoming very popular amongst women as it claims to be the most natural product for the skin and which stays longer than any other makeup. As the name suggests, the products are inspired by the natural minerals and inorganic pigments that are finely milled, purified and then treated with other pigments and chemicals to create different colors and effects. While the clever marketing campaigns are working hard to make women switch to mineral makeup, the reviews from top cosmetic brands on mineral makeup are mixed with several pros and cons that can help the customers to narrow down the brands and types of cosmetics they can purchase.

The goodness of mineral makeup was first discovered a thousand years ago. Minerals from earth helped the ancient Egyptians protect themselves from the harsh sun.

The term ‘mineral makeup’ was first coined by Diane Ranger, the owner of cosmetic company ColoreScience, in 1977. And it is one of the best brands of mineral makeup in the world today.

There are thousands of varieties of mineral makeup available in the market. Some of them are matte, some have golden and silver shimmer and the rest are sparkling. The makeup ingredients are common minerals such as zinc, mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide. Each of these minerals has unique properties that benefit the cosmetics. For example:

Zinc gives opacity to the makeup products and enables the makeup products to conceal blemishes and other skin flaws. It also deflects the harmful UV rays away from the skin.

Mica provides silky, non-irritating filler that helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles on the face.

Titanium dioxide is the common ingredient for all mineral makeup and just like zinc provides opacity and deflects UV rays from the skin.

Iron oxides provide different colors to the makeup such as red, black, yellow, orange and maroon, to name a few.

Unlike other makeup, mineral makeup is applied only in small amounts on the face with the help of makeup brushes. They are applied to the skin in circular motions and moderate use of them helps to maintain a natural and fresh look all day long.

The benefits of mineral makeup are numerous as they are mostly natural and are composed of such minerals that are healthy for the skin.

They stay for a longer time than the ordinary makeup and give a smooth touch and feel to the skin.

Mineral makeup doesn’t easily wear off or sweat off; a person wearing mineral makeup can even swim in the water for long hours without getting their makeup smudged or washed off.

It is good for those young girls who have a sensitive skin that often develop allergies, irritation and rashes with the commonly available cosmetics.

The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide present in the makeup helps the skin to calm and soothe, they are also very potent sunscreens as they deflect harmful UV rays.

Zinc oxide also contains anti-microbial properties and is safe for patients undergoing or recovering from laser treatments and plastic surgery. They are free of oils and hence do not clog pores of the skin. The skin can easily breathe with the mineral makeup on it.

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